Fake It Till You Make It

Let’s face it.  We can’t all afford Red Carpet jewelry.  And, even those who can often keep them in a safe and wear dress jewelry instead.  Fashion jewelry, aka costume jewelry, is making a big come back and the fact of the matter is it really never went out.

Not to worry though.  There is some fantastic fun and even quite luxurious costume jewelry out there.  In fact, there are some pieces I even prefer to “the real thing”.

Interestingly, I am not alone in my fascination with costume jewelry.  Down through history, there are many who have adored it as well.  That is evident through the treasures you can find at garage sales, flea markets and resale stores.  There are even books that have been written about vintage dress jewelry and the eras they represent.

Not only do I love vintage costume jewelry, I love the new fashions as well.  There are some you would not be able to tell apart from genuine (expensive) pieces unless you were well versed in that area.  Zoe Coste and Ylang-Ylang are two hot brands that make very nice costume jewelry.

Some are intentionally made as “copies” of a popular piece such as the Duchess of Windsor Flamingo, a fantastic jeweled pin.  And then some are just meant to look as if they are “the real thing” with a style all their own.

Some fashion jewelry pieces are just made to be costume jewelry and to have no alternative motive other than just looking great and being fun and affordable to wear like chunks of metal designs in interesting and sometimes gaudy shapes.  There are even costume pieces that are worn for religious, sentimental or even medicinal reasons such as fashion jewelry crosses and zero point energy pendants.

You will find fashion jewelry everywhere, literally speaking.  No longer are the fashion statement pieces limited to rings, bracelets, ear rings and necklaces, no sir.  Belly rings are quite the craze now as well as tongue rings, gauges for ears and even nose rings.  There definitely are no rules when it comes to costume jewelry including where you can wear it.

Costume jewelry or, fashion jewelry as it is commonly known, is very popular these days as it has been down through the years.  It is big business in America.  It is estimated that the costume jewelry industry brings in an annual income of about $2.3 billion and rising.  Wholesalers, retailers and even salespeople at the shops in which they are sold all reap the benefits of fashion jewelry.

Whether you are attracted to the rhinestones and glass of days gone by or are charmed with the modern technology that now makes imitation look as real as genuine pieces, fashion jewelry has something for everyone.  If you canafford the “the real thing”, you are in luck because you can keep it safe and sound while you relax and wear the fun stuff.  If you cannot afford the expensive pieces, you too can kick back, wear fashion jewelry and fake it till you make it.